Rise to new heights with Volaris, [name].

With your dedication to innovation in healthcare timetabling and our expertise in helping businesses soar, together we can take [business] to new heights.

Reach [name's] full potential

With our proven track record of helping software businesses penetrate new markets and our deep understanding of the complexities of the education and healthcare industries, we can help [Business] successfully enter the apprenticeship market in the UK and take the US market by storm!


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WIFI Spark grew 300% since acquistion

Since it's acquisition by Volaris, Healthcare software business, Wifi Spark grew its EBITDA by 300%!

[Name], we would love to set up a call for you and their CEO Matt O’Donovan to help you find out how we helped them with this phenomenal growth!

You’re in good company 

Discover a community of like-minded businesses overcoming similar challenges who can share valuable insights and best practices with you.

Kinetic case study
Kinetic Solutions Acquisition Story

How we supported Kinetic Solutions in growing and scaling their education software business.

WiFi case study
Wifi Spark Acquisition Story

Why Matt O'Donovan believed Volaris was the ideal home for his healthcare software business.

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Read More Success Stories

Discover acquisition stories of Volaris' businesses and how they achieved success post-acquisition.

A forever home for [Business]

Let us help you build a forever home for you [names] and the whole team at [business]

We understand the importance of a strong and cohesive team, which is why we offer an exceptional talent development program designed to create opportunities for your team members to grow and thrive.

You can read all about our recent leaders summit, one of the many supportive programs for talent development at Volaris, here.

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Building legacies, not short-term gains

We're not here for short-term gains or to hide behind a lack of transparency. Our focus is on the long haul, and we're committed to partnering with you every step of the way to achieve your business goals.

In this short video, Mark Miller, CEO of Volaris, explains our buy-and-hold philosophy and how it differs from other acquirers.

Time for the next step, [Name]

We value your time, that's why we've crafted a helpful timetable to guide you through the next steps of the process with ease. Expect clear communication and support at every step of the way!

To keep your sensitive information private during the M&A process, we require a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) to be signed before sharing any non-public information. We provide an NDA template for faster execution or we can use your NDA. 


Can we supply the NDA?

Having completed hundreds of acquisitions, we understand the confidentiality requirements associated with completing a deal. Most companies find our mutual NDA meets their needs. However, if you have a strong preference to use your own MNDA, we’d be happy to have our legal team review it to ensure both parties are fully protected upon execution.

What does signing the NDA mean?

Signing the NDA is not a formal commitment to working with Volaris Group. It’s strictly meant to protect the information that’s shared by both parties throughout the process.

Sharing this preliminary information helps our financial team conduct an initial appraisal of your company which you will receive the results of in the next step, the indicative offer.


What if I don’t have answers to everything?

Provide us as much as you can! This can be an iterative process. If we get the initial data and feel there are certain elements missing that we really need, we’ll let you know!

Does it need to be in a specific format?

No. We can accept the information in whatever format you have it in to reduce the amount of time it takes you to compile. Then, if we have further questions, we’ll be sure to reach out!

Why do you request so much information?

Again, getting off on the right foot is extremely important to us. The more information we have upfront, the better we can understand your company and the more confident everyone can be that the valuation range proposed will be more likely to hold up in due diligence.

Based on a review of the information provided in the previous stage, Volaris can provide an indicative offer. It’s important to note that this offer is nonbinding. The indicative offer covers both the financial and non-financial aspects of the offer like the structure of the deal and how we see your company fitting in to Volaris. 

Before proceeding to the next step, it’s generally a good idea to talk to some of our references. 


  • What was most important to you in looking for a potential acquirer for your company?
  • What interested you in Volaris Group?
  • What were you most concerned with prior to being acquired and how did that play out after the sale
  • What has life been like since being acquired by Volaris?
  • How did your customers and employees feel about the acquisition?
  • How long did the deal take and how did you find the transaction process?

Once an agreement is reached on the heads of terms that have been discussed, a letter of intent (LOI) will be drafted by Volaris Group. This is a more formal offer that serves as an initial agreement between the buyer and seller. It should clearly define all commercial terms and outline key assumptions made by both parties.

Having an LOI in place allows both parties to calibrate their expectations during the M&A process, saving time, money and effort during the later stages. When negotiating the letter of intent, it’s important for business owners to consider the following:

  • What is being purchased?
  • How will the purchase price be paid?
  • Where are the funds coming from?
  • What are the key legal terms?
  • What are the conditions of closing?
  • What are the principal assumptions for both parties?

The due diligence process is where both the buyer and the seller look to validate assumptions about their relationship going forward. The ultimate goal is to eliminate any surprises that could pop up for either side after day one. The process can last between 4–8 weeks but varies greatly depending on the complexity of the business being acquired and the resources allocated from both sides.


Financial statements

  • Audited historic financial statements
  • Year-to-date financial statements
  • Forecasts Supporting documentation

Market information

  • Market analysis/ reports
  • Competitor landscape and market share
  • SWOT analysis

Commercial data pricing and revenue model

  • Product analysis
  • Sales strategy
  • Customer level data including contracts, sales funnel and backlog

After due diligence is complete, both parties will review and sign the sales and purchase agreement (SPA). This agreement is the legally binding contract that outlines the agreed upon conditions for the sale and purchase of your company. Within the SPA, you can expect to find elements of the deal like purchase price, closing date, and the details of what’s included and what’s not included in the sale.

Once the deal has been executed, you and your shareholders receive the initial proceeds from the sale. 


How long does it take to close a deal?

Once there’s a true commitment from both the buyer and seller, our experience indicates that it takes approximately three months to close a deal. However, when there’s a compelling reason to do so, we’ve seen deals close even more quickly

In the initial post-acquisition phase, our team will support you through the integration process. This includes sharing the news with and answering questions from your employees and customers. Additionally, you/your team will be introduced to any new financial reporting requirements, best practice benchmarks, and the Volaris Group network. Before long, our team will be supporting yours as we all look to strengthen and grow your business. Here's a look at what you can expect post-acquisition:


  • Introductions to the team
  • Integration activities
  • Communications plan
  • Keep running your business and/or begin executing succession plan



  • Strategic assessments
  • Action plan for sustainable growth
  • Best practice sharing
  • Networking opportunities
  • Talent management



  • Professional growth opportunities
  • Organic growth initiatives
  • Acquired growth when ready

Our acquisition process minimises disruption to live business operations and typically takes about three months from indicative offer to close, with a focus on speed, certainty of close, and all-cash transactions, If you're interested in understanding a bit more about the acquisition process, check out our Acquisition Process eBook and feel free to reach out if you have additional questions.

Meet your deal team

Let us introduce you to our team of experts who will be working closely with you throughout the process.


Rob Turner
Group CEO

Project Sponsor &
Operational Lead

Joined Volaris in 2015 as part of the Kinetic Software acquisition

Oversees a group of Volaris-owned businesses as Group CEO, supporting their leaders with organic and acquired growth.

Julia Tomczak

Julia Tomczak
Investment Manager

DD Project Manager

Joined Volaris in 2017 as a strategy analyst

Responsible for M&A execution. Too humble to admit it, but a wizard at investment strategy and keeping deals on schedule.


Craig Finch
Group CFIO

Finance Lead &
Integration Manager

Joined Volaris in 2020 as Group CFO for Kinetic

Responsible for investment analysis and the financial integration of Volaris-acquired companies.


Ellie Blataric
Senior Counsel

In-House Legal Lead

Joined Volaris in 2019 to provide legal counsel for a group of companies in the US and UK

Helps ensure clarity and compliance in executing complex M&A deals


Lawrence Rosedale
Director of M&A

M&A Lead

Joined Volaris in 2006, moved into M&A in 2017 after numerous business unit leadership roles​

Responsible for full M&A process, inc investment analysis and transition to operational team​