2020 Acquisition Highlights


A Note from Our CEO

The pandemic created unique challenges for vertical market software businesses worldwide.
Despite this market volatility, our team has been committed to driving long-term growth through investments in organic initiatives and strategic acquisitions.

This year, we have welcomed over 20 companies in 15 industries to our group from various countries around the world.

I am very proud of what we were able to accomplish during this unprecedented year and remain optimistic for the future.

Mark Miller, CEO of Volaris Group

Highlighted Acquisitions


Innovative WiFi solutions for healthcare and retail establishments across the United Kingdom

WiFi SPARK was founded in 2003 by CEO Matt O'Donovan. In its early days, the company gained traction by providing WiFi services to Europe’s largest marina group. Today, WiFi SPARK and SPARK Media can be found in many retail establishments and National Health Services (NHS) Trusts across the United Kingdom. The company has a strong historical track record of innovation and saw Volaris as a strategic partner to help accelerate its next phase of growth.

In keeping with the Volaris philosophy of acquire, strengthen, and grow, WiFi SPARK maintains its brand and independence with support, coaching and best practices from Volaris Group. Matt O'Donovan continues to lead the business along with his entire leadership team.

For more insight, check out the WiFi SPARK Acquisition Story.

Acquisition Date: September 2020 HQ: Exeter, United Kingdom | Verticals: Healthcare, Retail, Transit


ERP solutions for industrial distributors across North America

Founded in 1983, Tribute Inc. was first purchased in 1994 by current President, Tim Reynolds, as a carve-out from an Ohio-based distributor of Parker Hannifin products. As Tim began to consider future retirement plans, he knew finding the right home for Tribute, Inc. had to be near the top of his list. He saw Volaris Group as a stable, forever home for his customers and employees.

As a buy and hold forever acquirer of vertical market software companies, Volaris Group considers talent development and succession planning critical foundations to enabling long-term, sustainable growth. Over the past year, Tim has been transitioning the day-to-day leadership responsibilities of Tribute to his successor, Tribute's COO Susie Hopper. Tim, who initially planned to retire, has decided to stick around a bit longer, taking on a new role within Volaris.

For more insight, check out the Tribute Inc. Acquisition Story.

Acquisition Date: January 2020 HQ: Ohio, United States | Vertical: Industrial Distribution


Catering and hospitality software solutions for clients in the UK market

After nearly 30 years at the helm of IndiCater, owner Mike Day was seeking a new home for his company, one that would grow the business and take good care of his customers and employees. Mike and his team joined Volaris Group in October 2019 and this year we celebrated their one-year anniversary.

During a virtual get-together in October 2020, Mike, the entire IndiCater team, and several leaders from across Volaris Group reflected on and toasted to everything IndiCater had accomplished in its first year as part of the Volaris family...and the list was impressive!

For more about IndiCater one year post acquisition, check out the story of their anniversary celebration!

Acquisition Date: October 2019 HQ: Reading, United Kingdom | Vertical: Food Service & Hospitality

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Tony DeSilvester
Portfolio CEO



Lawrence Rosedale
M&A Director


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Julia Tomczak
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