Secure a successful future for your client

As a trusted partner, Volaris Group can help you create an acquisition journey for your client that is efficient, transparent, fair and ends with a forever home where their company and legacy can thrive.


To date, over 170 companies have chosen to call Volaris Group home.

With a frequency of more than 20 deals per year, our track record means you can rest assured knowing that we have the experience and financial strength to close deals efficiently and reliably.


Efficient Execution

An experienced deal team including in-house tax, legal, IT, and finance experts enables us to complete all cash transactions with speed and efficiency.


Flexible Deal Structures

Our team works with your client to understand their goals and motivations in order to optimize a bespoke deal structure. Every transaction is unique.



Honesty & Transparency

We view every conversation as the start to a long-term relationship. We don't want to get off on the wrong foot! Setting realistic expectations throughout the process is important to us.


Secure Future

We never sell our investments and value decentralization. As part of Volaris Group, your client can rest assured knowing their company and legacy can continue to grow.

Transparent V



We acquire B2B technology companies that sell proprietary solutions. Most of our businesses sell solutions to a specific vertical, or geographic market, however, we are expanding our mandate to consider other types of technology businesses. 


Smaller businesses with as few as a handful of employees and larger businesses with hundreds of employees have found their home at Volaris. 


With offices in 30+ countries around the world and dozens of languages spoken among our people, borders are not a barrier to acquisition. 


We are looking to further expand our footprint in our existing vertical markets, while also entering new markets with platform acquisitions. For a complete list of the markets we currently operate in, please visit our portfolio

Don't just take our word for it!

Hear what business leaders who sold to Volaris had to say.

"When you’re running your own business and you’re the CEO, the buck stops with you. You don’t always have someone you can ask what to do about this or that. When you’re part of Volaris Group, there are literally hundreds of people you can ask. The knowledge sharing is so valuable. There’s no other place where I could have joined a club of software experts who all have the same goals and passion. There’s no other place than Volaris."

- Matt O’Donovan, CEO, WiFi SPARK

“I think what was promised and what has been delivered on is that we are expected to run our company. We’re held accountable to the things we agreed to, but no one is coming in and saying, ‘You need to do this’ or ‘You can’t do that.’ We’re experiencing the autonomy that was promised pre-acquisition.”

– Tim Reynolds, President, Tribute, Inc.

“The acquisition has helped us revisit the core fundamentals of our business and the decisions we make to ensure we are creating value for employees, our shareholders, and our customers effectively on a daily basis.”

– Jeff Luchetti, CEO, CaterTrax

“Since our acquisition in 2015, we’ve grown immensely. The extensive network of software business experts and culture of sharing operational best-practices has enabled Kinetic to focus on what matters – employees, customers and a long-term future for the business.”

– Rob Turner, Managing Director, Kinetic Solutions

“I knew we had something really great in WebCheckout but felt like we needed a catalyst – some fresh strategic perspective and a push in the right direction – to see the break-through levels of growth I thought were possible.”

- Eric Dodson, CEO, Webcheckout, Inc.


About Volaris Group eBook

We position our companies for long-term success by investing in their people. Volaris Group, provides vertical market software companies, their employees, and customers a forever home focused on sustainable, long-term growth. We've never sold a business!

Volaris M&A Process eBook

When it comes to the acquisition process, we seek to minimize disruption to live business operations. Our experience and commitment to speed, certainty of close, and all cash transactions helps ensure a smooth process from LOI to long-term growth!

2022 Mid-Year Acquisition Update

Volaris Group continues to keep pace with tech M&A in 2022. During the first six months of the year, we've already announced 14 new acquisitions from 8 countries. We look forward to continuing the development of our relationships with M&A advisors, founders, and business owners in the second half of the year.


As a buy, hold, and grow forever acquirer of software companies, we're in it for the long-term. Combine that long-term focus with our commitment to helping businesses achieve above average organic and acquired growth and it really shines a light on the importance of our people!

Our business is only as good as the people in it and we know that! So, we empower our leaders through decentralization and supported autonomy, and develop talent through programs like functional summits, leadership events, Volaris 101, the Top Gun talent development program, Volaris Quadrants, and smaller portfolio events. We continue to facilitate networking and development beyond these events through our global intranet providing a leadership resource center, self-paced leader training, access to live and recorded round-table sessions and more. While there's a lot to love about Volaris, it's this focus on people and the size of our connected network that really makes us unique.

Check out this short video for a sneak peak at our last Volaris Quadrants event. And save the date for the next one happening in London, England in Fall 2022!

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