Celebrating One-Year Post-Acquisition: Sunrise has many reasons to be proud

In May of 2023, Sunrise Software, a leading provider of IT Service Management software in the United Kingdom, hit a significant milestone by celebrating its first year as part of the Volaris family. In April of 2022, Volaris Group acquired Sunrise Software from owner Tom Weston, who was looking to retire. Subsequently, leadership transitioned to long-term employee, Dean Coleman.

To celebrate the anniversary, the Sunrise Team commemorated the milestone by gathering for an in-person event. Sunrise CEO, Dean Coleman, and Volaris Group’s Steven Denning-Garrison toasted Sunrise employees for their impressive list of accomplishments as part of the Volaris family of companies.

Dean Coleman, CEO, Sunrise Software
Dean Coleman, CEO, Sunrise Software
Some of the Sunrise Team capturing the Kodak moment after the successful SITS23 event
Some of the Sunrise Team capturing the Kodak moment after the successful SITS23 event

The Sunrise Team has ample reasons to take pride in their post-acquisition achievements. They’ve set and consistently achieved development targets during each sprint. They’ve made notable strides in product development, enhanced marketing endeavours, and experienced a significant surge in sales.

And from a security perspective, Sunrise became best-in-class, receiving a top A Security Scorecard rating for the Sunrise SaaS offering. Since the acquisition, Sunrise has formulated strategic plans to continue propelling the organisation forward; the entire Sunrise staff has played a critical role in contributing to the company's triumphs. These achievements mark only the initial stages of their journey!

Emma Rhodes, who has been with Sunrise for 20+ years, may have said it best when she reflected on the year, “Communication across the company is better and our team is collectively working to achieve our targets. To be honest, there was a need for change leading up to the acquisition, so I was very optimistic about the road ahead as part of Volaris Group. Everything seems to be coming together now and we’ve had a really positive year. We’re only at the beginning of our journey - I look forward to Sunrise’s bright future of growth!”

The acquisition has additionally encouraged professional development across the team; many Sunrise employees have since progressed into new roles and responsibilities.

David Bullivant, long-term employee of 18+ years, moved into a management role; as Director of Sales, David realigned the sales plan in line with the business needs and improved the overall strategy of the Sunrise Sales Team.

“We have been able to work with other Volaris companies to access new ways of doing things which has enabled us to make positive changes to our strategy.

With the help of our Portfolio Strategy Team, we refocused the organisation with 1, 3 and 5-year strategic plans. Joining Volaris Group has been very beneficial to Sunrise.”

-- David Bullivant, Director of Sales, Sunrise Software

Jonathan Glavin, also reflected on his professional development, “I was promoted to Head of Service – a rapid progression that would have not been previously possible. I am very happy, not just because of my personal gain, but because of the exciting, bright future ahead for the greater group.”

In addition to reflecting on the year’s accomplishments, some team members expressed their sentiments upon receiving news of the acquisition, and how those feelings have transformed over time.

Several Sunrise employees were nervous when they first heard the news. Like Test Analyst, Lisa Giles who said, “I was apprehensive about how much would change internally and it would impact me and the team. Looking back, the changes improved our team structure, and our targets have been enhanced to ensure greater feasibility and alignment with our objectives. Sunrise has benefited massively from being part of the Volaris family.”

Account Manager, Tarnia Nebbit, also enjoys the culture at Sunrise and added her sentiments pre- and post-acquisition.

“When I heard about the news, I was worried about my job; now, I’m very happy. I feel empowered and motivated to try new things.

It’s been great to have the backing of Volaris and our customers have said it has been a seamless transition.”

-- Tarnia Nebbit, Account Manager, Sunrise Software

As the celebration progressed and team members continued to exchange their experiences, it became apparent that Volaris Group has emerged as an ideal haven for Sunrise, striking a harmonious balance between a small company atmosphere and the ample resources of a larger enterprise. Moreover, it became evident that Sunrise has achieved the ultimate accolade of employee satisfaction. Dean and his team exhibit a profound dedication towards their customers and the Sunrise Software solution while fostering a strong sense of commitment and camaraderie among themselves.

Sunrise CEO, Dean Coleman, raised a toast to Sunrise employees, radiating his sincere gratitude and appreciation for the team. “The acquisition brought about significant positive changes to Sunrise. It is the collective efforts of all our Sunrisers that have made this transition a success,” he said. “Thank you all for your hard work, dedication, and commitment. Your contributions have been critical to our adaptability and achievements. Without your support and hard work, we would not be where we are today. Under Volaris, we are fortunate to have access to best practices, Volaris 101 and the Portfolio Strategy Team, among many other resources. Looking ahead, I am confident that with the continued efforts of our team, we will achieve even greater success. We have an exciting future ahead of us, and I am excited to work alongside every one of you to make it a reality. I am proud to work with such a talented and dedicated team – thank you for all that you do!”

Volaris Group Leader, Steven Denning-Garrison, toasted similar sentiment as he shared words about Sunrise that could be echoed across Volaris, “From day one, you have all contributed to making Sunrise the best it can be. It is truly appreciated. A lot has changed in such a quick year, but I can see that Sunrise has come closer together; there is more transparency, collaboration, and belief in Sunrise’s journey as a leading ITSM software supplier. Thank you for the part you play in Volaris’ success by being true “Sunrisers”! Let’s continue to make 2023 a great year.”

Cheers to the entire Sunrise Software team!