We're only as good as the companies we keep...

And we're proud to say that's all of them. While other investors buy and sell, we hold and grow - forever!

Our Portfolio

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Our roots are in facilities management software for higher education, but our ambitions have taken us so much further. Today, our portfolio provides solutions for nearly a dozen vertical markets.

While each of the businesses within our portfolio is unique, we share a common set of values that include a passion for innovation and the understanding that it can’t happen without our customers and employees.

Throughout the year, we provide several opportunities for our business and functional leaders to come together, share best practices, and build their networks - all with the goal of helping them remain at the forefront of their respective industries.

Vertical Markets

We acquire good companies with great values that provide mission-critical software solutions to the following vertical markets:










Property Management


Event Management


Engineering & Manufacturing


Facilities Management


IT Service Management

Be a part from the Start?

Didn't see your primary target market listed here? No worries!

We provide solutions for several other vertical markets. And, at Volaris Group, we're always looking to enter new markets where we can become industry leaders. If your company provides specialized, mission-critical software for a specific niche market, Volaris could be the right home for your company. Our benchmarks and best practices can benefit software companies across various industries and our investment in M&A means you might not be alone for long. So why not be a part from the start?

Are your ambitions as big as ours?

If you're ready to join an organization that strives for sustainable, long-term growth but knows that's only possible when you focus on talent development, let us know!