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Whether you’re looking to step away or stay onboard, your company and legacy can continue to grow as part of Volaris Group.

Being Acquired

We’ve acquired several dozen businesses over the years and each one of them is unique. The consistent factor is that all our businesses sell mission critical technology that is tailored to a specific vertical market. Otherwise, they vary widely in terms of geography, size, technology, and other factors.

Acquisition Criteria

Volaris Group acquires vertical market software companies that

sell mission critical technology. The kind of technology that a business can't run without.
offer solutions that are tailored to meet the unique needs of one or more vertical markets.
maintain a solid base of recurring revenue with low customer attrition and loyal customers.
are headquartered across the world. Borders are not a barrier and we especially love when businesses are close to their customers.
value their employees. Whether that's a handful or hundreds, we know our businesses cannot be successful without the talented people behind them.

Acquisition Process

As a buy and hold acquirer, for us, the acquisition process is viewed as the potential start of a long-term relationship. And we don’t want to get off on the wrong foot! We value a transparent, fair, and honest dialogue throughout the process. Our team is able to evaluate a business, complete due diligence, and close with speed and efficiency. We do not need to raise financing to close transactions and can complete all cash transactions with 90 days to close. For more details, view our Volaris Group Acquisition Process E-Book.


We love closing day and it’s not just because it’s our goal to acquire great software companies. Time and time again, we’ve seen the amazing things that happen when the leaders from the companies we acquire become part of the Volaris Group network. From best practice sharing to benchmarking, we all help make each other stronger. Here are a few things to look forward to post-acquisition:

Continue Running
your Business
Growth! Organic, Acquired, and Professional
Executive Sessions
Functional and Leadership Summits Networking and Best Practice Sharing Talent Development


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Discover the Advantages

Certainty of Execution

As an organization with ample liquidity, we do not need to raise financing to close transactions. We can do all cash transactions with 90 days to close.

Efficient Closing

As seasoned acquirers, we are able to evaluate a business, complete due diligence, and close with speed and efficiency.

Transparent, Fair and Honest Dialogue

Our Letters of Intent outline assumptions made and provide transparency on what we are looking for during the due diligence process. We are open with you and your client throughout the entire process.

A Secure Future for your Client

When your client finds a home with Volaris, they have a home forever. We invest in our businesses while giving leaders financial capital, expertise, and autonomy to grow the business for the long-term.

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