Sales & Marketing Summit: Steering Towards Greater Heights with Best Practices

The latest iteration of Volaris Group's Best Practices Program, a series of functional knowledge-sharing events, recently concluded in the historic city of Prague, Czech Republic. Drawing attendees from diverse regions including North America, Europe, and Asia, this internal knowledge-sharing summit gathered 60+ Sales & Marketing leaders from across the DeSilvester portfolio.

Portfolio Leader, Tony DeSilvester, set the tone for the event by emphasizing the power of collective wisdom. "Our Best Practices series has always been my favorite," remarked Tony, underscoring the ethos of sharing and continuous learning. "Our individual expertise is diverse; while nobody can claim mastery in everything, everybody offers unique insights and skills. We encourage everyone to share their expertise, engage in continuous learning, and openly ask questions in this safe space. By embracing this collective wisdom and nurturing meaningful connections, we empower ourselves to perpetually expand our knowledge base and drive growth.”

At Volaris Group, events like our Sales & Marketing Summit are just one of the avenues through which we support these functional teams to thrive. Echoed through the sentiments of our attendees, these summits serve as invaluable platforms for knowledge exchange, networking, and professional growth.

Claire Robinson

"It's rare to work for a company that offers you access to such a wide range of peers who are truly invested in your success and willing to openly impart their insights with you. Volaris Group offers a network where knowledge is a power to be shared. I cannot recommend highly enough being a part of this network."

-- Claire Robinson, Head of Sales & Marketing, Artifax

Drawing Inspiration from Sessions and Workshops

The primary objective of this summit is two-fold: address mutual challenges and unveil proven strategies, while building a collaborative network of connections. With Sales & Marketing leaders coming together in this way, we collectively support one another in driving our respective industries toward greater heights.

“I was blown away by the keynote sessions and engaging workshops; they were packed with invaluable insights and strategies to propel our businesses forward. Moreover, connecting with colleagues from different units and sharing our experiences was truly inspiring - I learned so much from their successes. I cannot wait to implement what I've learned and see the impact on our growth trajectory!”

-- Shreya Sharma, MARCOM Manager, TBL

Shreya TBL

The summit featured carefully curated topics; these interactive sessions spanned a wide spectrum of Sales & Marketing strategies to ensure comprehensive coverage of key areas for organic growth. Workshops additionally provided opportunities for practical application, allowing participants to translate theory into action. Some of the notable topics covered during the event agenda were as follows:

  • Branding Strategies
  • Value Wedge Positioning
  • Effective Negotiation Tactics
  • Demand Generation & Content Development
  • Celebrating Wins & Learning from Failures
  • Mastering Your Elevator Pitch
  • Strategic Account Capture
  • ABM Excellence
  • Battlecard Best Practices
  • Sales & Marketing Tools
Clare Ody

“This event was incredibly enriching. The session on tools provided me with innovative ideas to implement at Kinetic. Addressing a pain point of mine, the demand generation workshop offered effective solutions for overcoming these obstacles with our content and campaign strategy. And the value wedge session enabled us to delve deeply into our unique value proposition, paving the way for strategic refinement.”

-- Clare Ody, Head of PBSA Operations, Kinetic

The sessions and workshops equipped attendees with actionable insights and practical tools for success. Armed with a network of like-minded peers and tangible assets, attendees testified to their readiness to drive innovation and growth within their organizations, solidifying the summit's role as a catalyst for growth.

A Fusion of Learning and Fun

Attendees enjoyed a range of experiences, from a scenic dinner cruise along the picturesque river to a captivating, guided tour of an ancient monastery. The event concluded with a lively closing reception filled with entertainment, ensuring a memorable and enjoyable experience for all.


“Prague is a beautiful city full of culture and rich history; however, it was still second to the talent and energy of our peers with whom we were fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to meet and collaborate. Events like this are what make working within the Volaris Group such a unique and wonderful experience.”

-- Tim O’Brien, VP Business Development, CaterTrax

Tim O'Brien

As attendees depart from the S&M Summit, they carry with them not only valuable insights but also a renewed sense of camaraderie and purpose. Portfolio Chief Organic Growth Officer, Keith O'Brien highlighted, "By harnessing our collective wisdom and translating it into actionable strategies, Volaris Group continues to empower its portfolio of companies to drive growth and success in their respective markets."


“We are proud that IndiCater is a member of the Volaris Group family. The investment that is put in to equipping each business for continued success and growth is outstanding. Where else as an SME would you find a network of like minded business leaders that are willing to share their experiences and be part of your ongoing support network? "

-- Stuart Moore, Head of Sales & Marketing, IndiCater

"This event really reframed my thinking around marketing and I'm seeing my role in a new light. I have taken away the mindset of being hyper intentional and laser focused on delivering impact and value. The demand generation session really inspired me to rethink how we segment and engage with our customers, and effectively identify content gaps.

I learnt so much and am itching to bring my learnings back into our business. Connecting with other marketers was a huge plus."

-- Bella Obeng, Products Marketing Manager, Kinetic

"I am honored and grateful to have attended the Volaris Group Sales & Marketing Summit in the stunning city of Prague last week!

The conference was everything I anticipated it would be - a mix of software sales & marketing professionals all excited to share best practices and the latest trends within our field. The buzz of excitement was palpable in every corner!"

-- Lorna Henderson, Senior Sales & Marketing Analyst, Tribute

"One of my biggest takeaways - Volaris is pretty awesome. It was an amazing experience filled with invaluable learnings. I thoroughly enjoyed this event.

Particularly impactful was the session on celebrating wins and learning from failures. It inspired me to not only acknowledge our achievements but also embrace our setbacks. By candidly sharing our experiences, we enhance our collective knowledge and minimize the risk of repeat mistakes."

-- Zohreh Hassani, Product Manager, Kinetic

"Had a good week in Prague attending the Volaris Group Sales and Marketing Summit.

Lots of learning and sharing with great people and of course, managed to squeeze in a bit of sightseeing! Thanks for having us. Looking forward to sharing some insights to the wider DisplayNote Technologies Ltd team."

-- Zarah Akilagun-Thompson

Empowering Sales & Marketing Excellence: Beyond the Summit

At Volaris Group, our commitment to supporting Sales & Marketing within our portfolio of companies extends far beyond this summit. In addition to the networking opportunities and valuable insights gained from the event, leaders in this function benefit from extensive resources:


The aforementioned is a testament to our belief in empowering the companies who join us to thrive in the competitive software landscape. Want to experience it firsthand? Connect with us to learn about joining our network!

“This summit was nothing short of inspiring. Being able to connect and collaborate with so many talented individuals has not only broadened my perspective but also deepened my enthusiasm for what we do in Sales and Marketing. I left Prague with a suitcase full of new ideas and a phone full of new contacts.”

-- Timothy Simpson, Sales / Business Development Rep, Tribute

Timothy Simpson

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