Case Study

How a “leap of faith” led to a lot of growth

This owner began to consider strategic acquisition as a route to growth as his company approached its 20-year anniversary. For the decades prior, Occam had gone head-to-head with Volaris owned Kinetic Solutions. With a leap of faith, Occam joined the Volaris family, and the former competitors now thrive today as one.

SoftChalk Acquisition Story

Looking towards retirement and ready to engage a broker, SoftChalk didn’t want a buy-and-flip acquirer – they were interested in growing the organization, product, and staff long-term. With a bootstrapped operation and a desire to de-risk, SoftChalk joined Volaris and accessed a robust professional network, industry best practices, and leaders dedicated to developing their team.

Artifax Acquisition Story

This formerly shrinking business was acquired shortly before the pandemic. Despite the highly impacted market, Artifax has experienced double-digit annual organic growth since joining the Volaris family; the founders have been able to pursue new business ventures with the certainty that Artifax’s customers and employees are in good hands.

WiFi SPARK Acquisition Story

Upon recognizing the business wasn’t growing at the rate of potential, this owner started researching investment opportunities to ensure the growth and well-being of the business, customers, and employees. Now a part of the Volaris family, WiFi SPARK’s stakeholders are excited about the ensuing growth that has occurred – both organically and through acquisition.

Catertrax Acquisition Story

Software Executive Magazine featured the acquisition success story of this leading catering management software business; a post-acquisition story that proves software companies can find long-term solutions without needing headline-grabbing VC-backed exits.

Kinetic Solutions Acquisition Story

Interested in our buy-and-hold philosophy, Kinetic joined Volaris to de-risk, grow, and access greater capital. As part of our family, Kinetic has since grown organically and through acquisition; all while successfully developing leadership and talent.