Cultural Continuity in the Volaris Tapestry

In the landscape of acquisitions, Volaris Group stands out as the proponent of legacy preservation. At the heart of our buy-and-hold philosophy is a commitment to nurturing the unique identity, culture, and leadership that makes each acquired company exceptional.

When a software company joins Volaris, it doesn't lose its essence; rather, it gains a powerful ally in its journey toward sustained success. We recognize the strength of any organization lies in the fabric of its culture, built over years of innovation, collaboration, and shared values.

At the core of our ‘forever invested’ approach lies the belief that cultural independence is crucial for unlocking the full potential within our diverse portfolio. Take for example the sentiments of Ruth Mills, who devoted several years to IndiCater before its 2019 acquisition and now, five years within the Volaris network.

Ruth Mills

"Since being acquired, we continue to have the same personality, values, and human angle on how we work and what we do. But we have also evolved as a business - we have grown, gained confidence, and learned so much, whilst staying true to who we are and the essence of IndiCater. If you asked our clients, they'd likely affirm we've remained true to our roots and that sentiment echoes across our team as well."

-- Ruth Mills, Managing Director, IndiCater

Through first-hand experiences, this article explores the preservation of cultures within our acquired companies and the vital importance of retaining each company's uniqueness.

Legacy Preservation - The Decision to Join the Volaris Network

Selling your company is not a decision that is made lightly. For companies like SPARK TSL and Artifax, both deeply rooted in their individual company cultures, the stakes can be high when seeking a partner capable of providing support without compromising cultural identity.

“When I sold my business, I initially had concerns about its impact on our autonomy and culture. In hindsight, I didn’t have to worry – Volaris kept true to its promise - SPARK's independence, culture and values have been respected and maintained. While I have no plans to exit the business, I'm confident that if I were to, my team would be in great hands. We've kept our unique identity, while gaining access to a support system and have even noticed cultural similarities across the other groups.”

-- Matt O’Donovan, Founder & CEO, SPARK TSL

Andy Wheeler

“Confident in our growth potential and esteemed with our culture, we began to explore solutions that would offer the support to maximise our potential whilst staying true to all good things, Artifax. Joining Volaris meant that our legacy would continue and that we were able to retain our company culture…We have individually and collectively achieved a great deal since acquisition.”

-- Andy Wheeler, Former Managing Director, Artifax

Like Matt, who continues to helm SPARK TSL, and Andy, who was recently promoted to Managing Director of Volaris-owned Grosvenor, companies that choose to join Volaris see it not only as a strategic move but also as a courageous step to safeguard their cherished company culture.

Addressing Hesitations - Nurturing Employee Culture Amidst Change

During an acquisition, employee concerns about shifts in company culture can understandably loom large. Susie Hopper, President of Tribute, shared in a recent interview, "When our company was initially acquired, there were concerns among our employees about potential changes to our culture. In fact, one employee decided to leave upon hearing the acquisition news. However, after being reassured by other team members that our company remains a fantastic place to work, she ultimately returned and even attended the recent Best Practices Summit."

Since joining Volaris, Tribute has experienced immense growth and Susie highlights that if anything, Tribute’s culture has bettered as part of Volaris Group’s global network.

"Volaris inspires a culture of continuous learning that permeates throughout the entire portfolio of companies and our team highly values the opportunities for knowledge sharing. So, if anything, I would say our culture has improved. Our employees have become more deeply invested in Tribute’s success; they’re involved, engaged, and empowered to pursue their goals."

-- Susie Hopper, President, Tribute


Cultural Impact on Client Connections

From a customer standpoint, acquisition apprehensions can be significant. Customers may express concerns about shifts in points of contact, team structures, and processes. Simultaneously, business owners share concerns for their customers, often posing the question, “How will selling my business impact my customers”?

At Volaris, customer focus takes the driver's seat. This, combined with our steadfast commitment to legacy preservation, ensures that the distinct cultures within our portfolio not only remain intact but also translate to enduring and enriched customer relationships. Within our wider ecosystem, customer testimonials echo a narrative of continuity, security, and enhanced experiences.

“I've had the privilege of working closely with Kinetic and leveraging their solutions since 2010. Throughout the years, their dedication to innovation has been evident, and this trend has only intensified after their acquisition by Volaris Group. Despite the significant change, my teams and I experienced minimal disruption, and what truly impressed me was their newfound emphasis on a customer-first approach, which has significantly influenced their product development. This evolution has brought about tangible improvements and an even more satisfying experience."

-- Amanda Pettingill, Director of Catering, Hospitality and Conferencing, The University of Nottingham

"We had gone through some process changes with others, where it was honestly not as seamless as it was intended or thought to be.

After the acquisition for CaterTrax, it has been a completely seamless process throughout. There has been no change."

-- John Gula, Resident District Manager, River Campus Dining Operations, University of Rochester

"With the acquisition from Volaris, obviously there is always a thought in your mind of “Who is going to be our point of contact? Is the team entirely going to change? Or will we remain in contact with the team who had been helping us prior?” And that’s something we’ve seen throughout the transition. We still get emails from the same team on the ground. And I think there’s a little bit of sense of security in that as well."

-- Rachel LaChapelle, General Manager for Dining Services University of Rochester

"When I heard about the news, I was worried about my job; now, I’m very happy. I feel empowered and motivated to try new things.

It’s been great to have the backing of Volaris and our customers have said it has been a seamless transition."

-- Tarnia Nebbit, Account Manager, Sunrise Software

"Having joined Volaris, we now have double-digit organic growth year-over-year.

Our customers see that we’re able to grow. They  would rather stay with us and grow with us because they’re seeing the benefits of us being a better company."

-- Susie Hopper, President, Tribute

Embracing Diversity, Fostering Growth - An Ongoing Commitment to Autonomy and Success

In essence, at Volaris, we celebrate the past to shape the future. By preserving the legacy of the businesses we acquire, we not only honor their unique histories but also pave the way for a shared journey of growth, innovation, and success.

As we continue to weave the threads of diverse cultures into our collective tapestry, the Volaris commitment remains unwavering, ensuring that every company within our family thrives in its distinctive identity.

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